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Product Information Plant Success Organics Granular promotes quick plant establishment. It contains mycorrhizae, bacteria, trichoderma and an all-purpose fertilizer. The beneficial soil microbes combine symbiotically with organic plant food to enhance...
Product Information Plant Success Organics Soluble™ will enhance established plants with beneficial soil microbes. It contains mycorrhizae, bacteria and trichoderma. It is easily watered in and will instantly establish beneficial...
Image of Myco Chum 16 ounce
Myco Chum® Premium Microbe Food - with Molasses, Kelp, Fish Hydrolysate and Kelp
What is Myco Chum?  Myco Chum is a perfect solution for plant enthusiasts looking to boost the health of their soil, supercharge mycorrhizal fungi, and grow sweeter fruits. Packed with...
Plant Success Organics Bundle - FREE SHIPPING
Plant Success Organics Bundle - FREE SHIPPING
A complete microbe package. Get the Granular for transplants, the Soluble for existing plants, and feed the microbes with Myco Chum.  Bundle includes: 16oz Plant Success Organics Granular 4oz Plant...

Restore Your Garden to itsMost Productive Form with Microbes for Gardening in the USA

Having a productive garden means making the effort to ensure that your soil is lively. While fertilization on a regular schedule goes far to improve the quality of your soil, adding natural microbes such as mycorrhiza offers your plants the most optimized conditions in which to grow. Plant Success Organics has created the most beneficial microbes for soil improvement designed to promote the hardiness and beauty of your yard. Perfect for transplanting your favorite rose bushes or as part of an overall landscaping project, our microbes for plants keep your garden looking lush and robust.

What are the Benefits of Microbes for Plants?

Plants need moisture and nutrients to grow, but conditions must be perfectly optimized to breed durable, long lasting varieties. When our microbes for plants are applied to the roots, they offer superior stabilization, allowing the plants to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Our microbes also confer tolerance to drought, and reduce the shock of transplant when moving plants from one place in your yard to another. The end result is hardy plants that you will love for seasons to come.

View Our Range of Beneficial Microbes for Soil Improvement Today

At Plant Success Organics, we believe in using only the highest quality microbes for soil improvement. All of our products are approved for organic gardening and are provided in granular and water soluble formulations. Find your nearest retailer online today, or call our team for more at (714) 545-5335.