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Mother nature knows best, so when it comes to adding compounds to your soil, you want only the most natural products that promote hardiness and vigor. Plant Success Organics was created from the need to find balance in any soil type, so when it comes to installing a new landscape, transplanting your prized roses, or even growing your own food, having the right foundation is key to your success. We offer a stunning array of microbes for gardening to cater for your specific soil type so that you can easily grow the things you want to grow.

Choose from Our Granular or Water Soluble Fertilizers

At Plant Success Organics, we have carefully selected the most effective strains of bacteria and fungi that will be beneficial to your garden. Packed fresh for maximum optimization of colonization, our microbes are available in both water soluble and granular form. We only offer 100% certified organic input material microbes for the well-being of your yard, and once implanted, our microbes get to work to improve plant nutrition, extend root systems, retain moisture and of course, enhance fertilization. Simply ensure that the mycorrhizal product reaches the root of the plant for optimal effects.

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At Plant Success Organics, we care about your garden as much as you do. Easily find a retailer near you to begin transformation in your yard. For more information, contact our team at (714) 545-5335.