Plant Success Organics products were created to aid in the restoration of soils and land. We started with the notion that Mother Nature knows best, so we observed and learned from the dynamic systems contained in the earth’s soils to mimic its microbial communities.

Living in the soil are a myriad of fungi and bacteria. We have selected those that are extremely beneficial and helpful in home gardens. When present, these organisms help extend root systems, cycle nutrients, aid in reducing a plant’s water needs and fertilizer usage, and much more.

All of our product blends are packed fresh to optimize the colonization of your soils. They are an integral part of any holistic and natural gardening plan. Whether transplanting a rose bush, installing a new landscape, or growing your own food, Plant Success Organics Granular™ and Soluble™ will work for you.

Rest assured that all of our products are 100% OMRI listed and OIM organic.