Myco Chum® Premium Microbe Food - with Molasses, Kelp, Fish Hydrolysate and Kelp

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Myco Chum is a super charger for your microbes and sweetener for your fruits.

Myco Chum Premium Microbe Food 1-0-3 is a premium, organic microbial food containing a premium blend of molasses, fish hydrolysate, liquid kelp, humic acids and nutrients. Use Myco Chum from start to finish to optimize results.

How To Use

Mix 5 ml (1 tsp) into 1 gallon for a light feed and water into plants. May use up to 15 ml (1tbsp) per gallon. Do not exceed.

May be used to brew compost tea at a rate of up to 1 tbsp per gallon.


Molasses, Kelp, Fish Hydrolysate, Humic Acids.


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"Myco"-"rhiza" literally means fungus root and describes the symbiotic relationship between host plants and mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae are a specialized fungus that colonize a plant’s root structure and enhances its reach to much farther into the soil substrate for available resources. Mycorrhizae are truly an extension of the root system and are more effective at absorbing nutrients and water than plant roots alone.

More than 95% of plant species form this symbiotic relationship with these beneficial soil fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi increase the surface absorbing area of roots up to 700 times, improving a host plant’s ability to access and utilize the soil resources. Mycorrhizae enhance nutrient uptake by increasing the absorption area of the root mass.

Mycorrhizae release enzymes into the soil that dissolve locked up nutrients, such as phosphorus, iron, and other tightly bound soil nutrients. This process of accessing locked up nutrients is very important and explains why non-mycorrhizal plants require high levels of fertility. Mycorrhizal fungi form an intricate web that captures and assimilates nutrients, which helps conserve nutrients in the soil.

Mycorrhizal Fungi Benefits

  • Enhanced nutrient and water uptake
  • Enhanced root growth
  • Enhanced yields
  • Improved tolerance of drought stress
  • Improved tolerance to transplant shock