Why use Mycorrhizae Products?

The use of Mycorrhizae products has grown exponentially throughout the last few years, but many plant growers may still be wondering what exactly what they are and why they should be used.

Mycorrhizae are fungi that, in the natural word, have a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants and can draw in nutrients that the roots cannot do on their own, accelerating the development.

However, human activity can often disturb the natural mycorrhizae in soil, and they may have to be replenished with the use of Mycorrhizae products.

There is a wide array of benefits for plant growers in regards to making use of Mycorrhizae products. In addition to helping the plant draw in a more generous amount of nutrients and water from the soil.

Other benefits associated with the use of Mycorrhizae products include the significant role they play in the soil aggregation process and their ability to help microbial activity.

Depending on the growing conditions and practices involved and the species of the plants concerned, Mycorrhizae products offer several different benefits to both the plants and the environment, resulting in more vigorous plants, increasing crop quality and yields, and enhancing the results of fruiting and flowering.