Mycorrhizal Inoculant Products

Mycorrhizal Inoculant is a term given to beneficial fungi that helps increase the number of beneficial microorganisms at the root of plants. This encourages growth and enables the plants to take full advantage of soil nutrients by improving their uptake of those nutrients.

Mycorrhizal inoculant products are small fungal filaments that form a close relationship with plant roots and release enzymes that help to break down into more easily harnessed forms.

Mycorrhizal inoculants products are best used in areas where the fungi' natural occurrence has been disrupted by human activity such as chemical usage, compaction, cultivation, or topsoil erosion.

The reintroduction of these fungi via the use of Mycorrhizal inoculants products either via the soil or straight to the root of the plants is easy to accomplish.

There are also many benefits to the use of Mycorrhizal inoculants products including an increase in the ability of plants to tolerate drought, a reduction in transplant shock and the fact that the increase of nutrient uptake caused by Mycorrhizal reduces the need for further supplements.

Mycorrhizal inoculants products are available from a number of retailers and include the likes of granular products and water-soluble products. Granular products can be easily applied to new plants by sprinkling them into planting holes or having them mixed with potting soil.

Water soluble Mycorrhizal inoculants products are easy to water in and result in the instant establishment of beneficial soil microbes.