Mycorrhizal Granules

Mycorrhizal granules are used to help with the growth of some species of wildflower plants. The granules should be applied to the planting hole during planting in just a small pinch of between 0.2 and 0.4 grams.

If the ground shows improvement following the addition of Mycorrhizal granules, there is a good chance that something is lacking with the soil bacteria or fungi or too low. The accumulation of these granules will give a great start to any newly planted wildflower.

Suppose planting is being done in an area that has previously been fertile or has heavily worked soil, cultivated soil, soil with a lot of herbicide or fungicide yet added, or is generally of low quality. In that case, the addition of Mycorrhizal granules is the best way to ensure the plant has the best possible start.

It is essential to use Mycorrhizal correctly, or you may do more harm to your plants than good. Products that are out of date should never be made use of, as even if they remain viable, they will degrade, meaning that more will need to be added than would otherwise have been the case.

Mycorrhizal granules can be added to the transplant hole of any plant, shrub or tree that is being planted in addition to seed beds, either in every trench directly or in the form of a general broadcast.

The use of Mycorrhizal energizes living soil.