Mycorrhizae for Houseplants

Mycorrhizae have long been recommended for use to help outdoor crops and plants in gardens. Still, now the argument is also being made of the benefits of Mycorrhizae for houseplants, and a good reason.

Why Mycorrhizae is Essential for Houseplants

Several species of houseplants with subtropical and tropical backgrounds rely on mycorrhiza’s presence in their natural habitats. These beneficial microorganisms have played critical roles in helping most of the Earth’s plants survive and thrive in their environments. 

The Problem with Common Potting Soil 

Unlike the soil found in the wild, market variety potting soil does not feature Mycorrhizae. This results in countless houseplants requiring a lot more intensive care in terms of feeding and watering. 

Benefits of Mycorrhizae for Houseplants 

By using mycorrhizae, plant owners can ensure that their favorite houseplants have the ability to access essential nutrients in greater quantities. Some benefits of mycorrhizae include: 

Improved Nutrient and Water Uptake 

The greatest benefit of mycorrhizae is the fact that it can expand the plant’s root network and increase both its nutrient and water uptake. Essentially, your plant eats and drinks better when it has a friendly fungus helping it out!

While the use of beneficial fungi is not new, doing so indoors is a relatively new idea. Mycorrhizae can scavenge all the water and nutrients that are in any way available to them in the volume of local soil within a container, providing plant owners with a safety net in the event they are unable to fertilize or water their plants regularly.

Mycorrhizae can also assist with unlocking nutrients that can sometimes be difficult to otherwise extract from the soil. They can pull immobile nutrients such as iron and phosphorous nutrients from the ground and make them accessible to the plant.

Better Drought Tolerance 

Because mycorrhizae assist plants in better retaining nutrients and water, this can make them more robust in the face of drought. When you water your plants, more of the water is absorbed and thus the plant can survive for longer periods of time if there is a dry period. 

Reduced Transplant Shock 

When you move a plant from one soil to another, this can induce transplant shock. Like any living thing, a plant is a creature of habit and becomes accustomed to its soil.

When moved, a severe enough transplant shock can kill a houseplant. This can be devastating for the passionate plant owner and can leave them with more questions than answers. 

By using mycorrhizae, plants can more easily acclimate to new soils. The increased amount of nutrients the beneficial microorganisms provide can help ease the transplant process. 

Better Fruits and Vegetables 

Because a plant with mycorrhizae will absorb more water and nutrients, the fruit or vegetables they produce are tastier. Enjoy sweeter, juicier fruits and more flavored vegetables that you’ll absolutely love to eat! 

Use Organic Mycorrhizae Products 

It’s important to use a mycorrhizae product with organic ingredients. Unlike ones containing artificial additives, an organic supplement will most closely mimic the symbiotic relationship between plants and beneficial microorganisms found in the wild. 

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