Gardens in the United States Are Lacking in This Essential Nutrient

You may have heard that probiotics, beneficial bacteria found in foods like yogurt, are good for your health. You may also know that taking antibiotics for an infection can kill off the beneficial bacteria in your gut. But did you know, something similar is happening outside, in your garden?

Different types of microbes for plants, such as mycorrhizae, are vital for plant health; unfortunately, using herbicides or artificial fertilizers can kill these off. As a result, you may have to reintroduce beneficial soil bacteria to revitalize your garden.

Similar to the beneficial bacteria in your gut, beneficial soil bacteria break down nutrients so they're easily absorbed by the plants, and, they guard against harmful bacteria. Soil that is rich with beneficial bacteria produces strong, healthy plants.

If your garden is in need of a quick fix, you can purchase many different types of microbes for plants at your garden center, or order them online. The microbes will quickly get to work, colonizing your soil. However, you must ensure that the microbe product reaches the plant's roots, by either digging in a powder or, using a liquid to water it in.

 For a more long-term solution, you can start a compost pile, for a ready supply of organic fertilizer. Natural compost is an excellent source of beneficial bacteria for your garden.

If your garden looks sickly, introducing beneficial, organically-grown microbes could make all the difference.

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